Courses programmed in Bagya health centre -Arokya !

Bagya sexology center

Bagya sexology center

1.Starter’s  package

Student support

Financial empowerment

Arokya Silver package

Stress cure package

2nd in the ladder of ascend

Arokya Gold package

Health and bliss package

Medicine free life package

Spirituality Silver mode

3rd  Estate of Bliss

Arokya life coaching   

Spirituality Gold mode

4th Karma turns graceful

Age regression

Past life regression

Life purpose awareness

 DNA evolution

Soul over mind

Relationship virtual bond

Life partner mission

Family karma perfect

5th  The other world Kaleidoscope

Spirit research & Motcha therapy

Alien research

Demonic de possession

Satanic delinking

I am God personified

6th Heaven on earth

Premarital package

Love life booster

Fertility package

Tantra spirituality for couple

Ever 16 package

Dr. K. R. Gomatthi M.B., B.S.,
M.CSEPI (Member of council of sex education and parenthood International),

Arokya meditation centre ,

Hypnotherapy centre ,தமிழ் ஆடியோ .








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About Coimbatore sexologist

Sex is an art anyone can master. It requests a healthy mind ,body and energy ! I am THE Doctor for all the 3. Keep your mind sparkling ,energy bubbling and sex organ -the total body fit! Are you a teenager ? -Consult for growth ! Are you an adult ?-Consult for fitness maintenance ! Are you in premarital stress ?- Consult to know the fitness and semen profile ! Are you just married ?-Consult to prove fertility and man power ! Are you walking towards middle age doors ?- Consult for keeping up your sexual tempo ! Are you the senior citizen ?- Consult to kindle the thin lamp of intimacy to sustain long ! Are you a Man ?- You always keep in touch with us ,for Life sex assurance ! Are you a Woman ?- Ask your man to escort you to us ,so as to keep the orgasms long lived and Viagra free ! Now you know how we keep connected and why ? Keep in touch to become an Artist of Life !

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